www.texastollways.com – Pay Tolls In The State Of Texas

Texas Tollways

  • Allows a person to pay Texas tolls with a statement or account number
  • The service is designed for those who drove on a Texas roadway and failed to make a cash payment with North Texas Tollway Authority (TollTag) or Harris County Toll Road Authority (EZ TAG)
  • Any questions about the service can be directed to the Texas Department of Transportation at 1-888-468-9824

All payments can be made using a valid credit or debit card.  Those who have signed up for automatic replenishment (aka auto pay) will not be charged for their TxTag stickers but everyone else will be charged $13.85 for a new or replacement TxTag sticker.

TxTag Notes

  • All TxTag sticker should be properly mounted on the drivers windshield to avoid a dispute in payment
  • The TxTag sticker can only be used for one vehicle and cannot be shared from auto to auto
  • Additonal tags can be ordered for family members under one Texas Tollways account
  • Before selling an auto the individual should remove the TxTag sticker  from the windshield in order to avoid further complications
  • Texas Tollways sensors will detect trailers being pulled by a truck and take the additional charge for the trailer from the users account
  • Motorcycles will use a different type of tag versus cars and trucks

Please note that TxTags can be used in Dallas TollTag or Houston EZ TAG lanes but only if the TxTag logo is showing on the toll.

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  • Operated by: Texas Department of Transportation
  • Designed for: State Toll Income