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US Money Card

  • Download the U.S Money Prepaid App which is available via the App Store and Google Play
  • This is a must download for who consumers who would like to manage their U.S. Money Visa Prepaid Card via an App
  • This download should be avoided if the consumer is over the age of 40 and not familiar with mobile phone apps

USMoneyCard.com is operated by  Metropolitan Commercial Bank, member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc.  The download will provide FREE SMS Texts Transaction Alerts in regards to payment due dates and when a purchase has been made (this help protects against fraud).  The app will also provide the U.S. Money Visa Prepaid Card member with real time transactions and access to trackable spending accounts.

Please note the U.S. Money Visa Prepaid Card is not a CREDIT CARD and will not hurt or improve a members credit rating.  The card comes with the purchasing power of Visa and can be used anywhere in the United States where the Visa logo is present (to include Alaska and Hawaii).

www.USMoneyCard.com Notes

  1. A must for consumers who have trouble with credit card debt as this card will only allow the consumer to spend what is available on the card
  2. The card can be sued to make purchases online or at a retailer location
  3. Provides checks for those who are stuck in the 1980’s and still like to write checks
  4. Comes with NO activation fee and NO cancelation fee
  5. Does come with a costly one time account set up fee of $5.95 (many would call this an activation fee)
  6. $3 fee if the member fails to load at least $500 onto the card each month

USMoneyCard.com Customer Service Contact Information

  • Automated Phone Support: 1-866-872-9820
  • Call the toll free number found on the back of the U.S. Money Visa Prepaid Card
  • Website Online Support: 1-866-872-9820
  • Email: customer_service@fvfn.com
  • Check Authorizations: 1-800-935-9146


  1. www.usmoneycard.com