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Violation Info

  • Allows a user to pay a traffic ticket online, view a violation or dispute a ticket
  • Users can make a payment using a Visa, MasterCard or Discover debit or credit card
  • To pay a ticket please have your notice number and PIN

The Violation Info site assist people who have been caught by images violating driving laws (i.e. making a right on red when not allowed or running a red light).  Tickets can also be paid by mail or in person.  Please see the violation notice when making a payment by mail or to find the location to pay in person.  It should be noted that payment pay back plans are not available and when paying by mail allows 10 mailing days for the payment to arrive.  LATE FEES will be charged on late violation payments and CANNOT be appealed.

Failure to Pay?

  • Additional late fees will be charged to the violator
  • A summons to appear in court will be issued
  • Vehicle registration can be withheld depending on the length of tardiness

If the violator feels the ticket is unjust they should see the back of the notice for instructions on how to file a hearing.  Unless the violator lives in California or Arizona the violation should not affect their driving record or insurance rates.  Some violators regards of state might have to take a driver safety class or defensive driving class.  American Traffic Solutions will first review the image for accuracy and then pass it on to the violators local police department.

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