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Arby’s lives and dies by the motto “Dream Big, Work Hard, Get it Done, Play Fair, Have Fun and Make a Difference” when it comes to careers at this popular quick-service sandwich chain.  Arby’s offers both in restaurant positions and corporate careers to those that qualify.  To obtain a corporate career at Arby’s one must have a college degree and a strong desire to learn about the inner workings of a cheap roast beef sandwich.  Arby’s looks for the following characteristic in a potential employee:

  1. Strong people-oriented leadership skills
  2. Decision makers with a strong emphasis in problem solving
  3. Desire for personal and professional growth
  4. A love of money and roast beef
  5. Skills that pay the bills

Additionally applicants can always submit a resume online by emailing jobs@drmarbys.com.  The company is always looking to fill Team Member positions and occasionally a  Director of Operations job might pop up.  Here is the training path for an applicant starting at the bottom aka Arby’s team member:

  • Team Member (low wages)
  • Shift Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Unit Director  (above average wages)
  • District Director
  • Regional Director
  • Director of Operations (here is where people make the big buck$$)

Arby’s also offers a wealth of benefits to full-time employees to include Vacation Plan / Sick and Bereavement Pay, a generous 401k plan, Health, Life, Dental, and Vision Insurance, a lucrative bonus incentive plan and a free sandwiches for lunch.

Arby’s was founded in 1964 and specializes in Roast Beef and Beef ‘n Cheddar sandwiches.  Many consumers criticize their sandwiches as being overly dry and a lack of meat.  However this should be expected with the price point of a menu items at Arby’s.  There are an estimated 1000 Arby’s company-owned restaurants and nearly 2,500 franchised restaurants.  The firm has an operating revenue slightly over 1 billion dollars annually and is rivaled by Lions Choice.